GenoaHead Office

Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Mura di Santa Chiara 1, 16128 Genova – Italy
Ph. Operator: +39.010.59991

Genoa, the head office of the Gastaldi Group.
In the very centre of the elegant quarter of Carignano, not very far from Genoa downtown, at n.1 Mura di S. Chiara, lies the prestigious building, wholly owned by the Gastaldi Group.
This is the head office of the Holdings, as well as the home to the management of the main operating Companies.

AnconaSede - Uffici

Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Lungomare Vanvitelli 18, 60121 Ancona – Italy

Goods traffic in the port of Ancona has considerably increased over the last few years spurring both investment and development projects.
Its advantageous position at the centre of the Adriatic Sea and its very efficient connecting services are encouraging a further increase in goods traffic from and to the whole area of central Italy. Ancona has become a multi-purpose port through which pass containerized, solid and liquid bulk and miscellaneous goods and iron products.

La Spezia
La SpeziaSede - Uffici

Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Viale San Bartolomeo 93, 19125 La Spezia, Italy

The very good geographical position of the town together with the versatility and efficiency of its port facilities, make the port of La Spezia an ideal call for the movement of goods and containers.
Since the year of its opening (1987) right through to today, the container terminal of la Spezia (LSCT) has increased considerably, reaching one million teus annually. In this important port area, Gastaldi is present with an operating organization of its own.

LeghornSede - Uffici

Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Scali degli Isolotti 11, 57123 Livorno, Italy

The port of Leghorn is one of the main calls in the Mediterranean where millions of tons of goods are moved every year.
Gastaldi is one of the most important maritime agents operating in Leghorn. From its own building, set in the centre of the old town, Gastaldi offers its customers a wide range of services in various shipping sectors.

MilanSede - Uffici

Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Viale Restelli 5, 20124 Milano, Italy

As the core of goods and services production, Milan and its province represent the most important commercial and industrial centre in all sectors of Italian business.
Our office, set in the very centre of the metropolis, carries out important business in its connecting role for customers in the Milan area in particular, and its province in general.

NaplesSede - Uffici

Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Via Depretis 51, 80133 Napoli, Italy

In this town, at the end of the 50’s, Gastaldi opened its first satellite branch.
From then on, the port of Naples has undergone remarkable development in the areas of trade and port facilities.
The Parthenopean port plays a leading role for the economy of Southern Italy as the main terminal of important maritime Companies for the transport of passengers (cruises) and goods (containers).

TriesteSede - Uffici

Gastaldi Adriatica S.r.L.
Via San Nicolò 22, 34121 Trieste, Italy

Trieste with its famous free port, offers great advantages in performance along the traffic routes to the Middle and Far East. Thanks to its geographical position, Trieste has developed exchanges with Austria and the main Eastern European countries, thereby becoming an important alternative to the overwhelming power of North European ports.

VeniceSede - Uffici

Gastaldi Adriatica S.r.L.
Via Fratelli Rondina 14, 30174 Mestre-Venezia, Italy

Venice (Porto Marghera) is an important port for containers, miscellaneous goods, oil products and solid goods in bulk as well as the most important call in Italy for holiday cruisers.
Gastaldi inaugurated its branch there at the end of the 70s and in so doing obtained a leading role in maritime activities throughout the High Adriatic sea.

SavonaSede - Uffici

Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.

The development of the maritime trade from/to High Tyrrhenian has created great business opportunities for the port of Savona.
The ever-increasing amount of goods and passengers, recorded by the port of Savona in recent times, is well above the national average. Hence, the need for the Gastaldi Group to be present with an operative organization of its own to grant a service fit for our customers.