The firm Gastaldi has strong and deep roots.

It goes back to 1860 when the Genoese G.B. Gastaldi began his activity as Ship-agent and Ship-broker.

The firm’s first significant transformation occurs in 1904 when Alessandro Cerruti takes the set-up and, by and large, contributes to the establishment and development of several of the main Italian Shipping activities at the time.

Gastaldi gets the representation for Italy of Messrs “Prince Line” ( Furness Withy Group), one of the most brilliant passengers and cargo operator from Mediterranean to North America. The firm also actively contributes to the project to develop a regular line from Mediterranean to the Bristol channel’s ports, in the position as agents for “Golden Cross Line of Cardiff.

Alessandro Cerruti also intervenes as co-founder of the Shipping Company “Lloyd’s Sabaudo” who runs the famous passenger liners with compound names such as “Conte Verde”, “Conte Biancamano”, “Conte Rosso” and others.

For more than a quarter century, “Lloyd Sabaudo” has run successful line services from Mediterranean to North America and Australia. Later on, “Lloyd’s Sabaudo” was merged, upon governmental decision, with N.A.I. (Navigazione Generale Italiana), to form the then well know “Società Italia di Navigazione”.

The members of the Cerruti family have run Gastaldi’s ever since and have sought to ensure the best plans for the development and success of the firm, widening and diversifying its activity even beyond the Shipping sector.

In 1949 Gastaldi gets the appointment as Agent for the Corporation of “Lloyd’s” of London for Naples and province area. In a short while, the appointment is extended to the entire North West of Italy, Sardinia, Rome – Lazio and Vatican City.

In the fifties, Gastaldi Group reaches international dimensions and connections in the entire lines of Shipping and Transport. Specific business “divisions” are set up within the Group, under the control of the Central management. The fresh and agile model does produce goods results.
In the early sixties, the civil aviation takes its first steps, and in such a fresh line of business, Gastaldi starts playing an important role.

It begins a sound cooperation with Messrs LAI – Linee Aeree Italiane (which then became ALITALIA). Few years later, Gastaldi signs contracts of G.S.A. (General Sales Agent) with the best foreign Airlines at the time, such as , T.W.A., Canadian Pacific, LAV (Venezuelan Airline), then “Viasa”, Varig, Qantas, South African Airways, Singapore Airlines, and others.

The Group, on the basis of the past valid results which have brought itself to the position as leader in the sectors of world transport by sea and air, outgoing and incoming tourism, Incentive and Business Travel, also activities in Financing, Insurance and Real Estates enjoys the position as a strong, agile and receptive set-up ready to cope with important future challenges.