Gastaldi act as Liners General Agent, on behalf of foreign Shipping Companies, Operators and NVOCC, in the area of cargo carriage by sea.
During the years, dozens of important International Shipping Operators have made use of the services rendered by Gastaldi, and acknowledged the higher business proficiency, as well as the utmost grade of efficiency and reliability.
Gastaldi’s main goal is to offer clients with a tailor-made service, designed to meet any specific requirement.
The internal organization of Gastaldi has reached high levels of professionalism, efficiency and modern technology. We operate with an in-house software system, with the possibility to interface with the system put forward by the Shipping Companies o by the service providers.

Gastaldi’s “front office”, through its several branches, takes care to keep and develop tight business relationships with all potential customers, being them international or local freight forwarders,  and direct accounts.
The same office is responsible to provide up-to-date marketing reports to the Principals, on regular basis.
The “back office” looks after all the operational functions,  directly related to the handling of inbound and outbound cargo.
Gastaldi also act as “bunker broker” on world wide basis, on behalf of leading customers.

Liner Agency

As from the very beginning of its activity, Gastaldi acts as commercial agent on behalf of Operators and Ship-owning Companies, who look after the transport of cargoes by sea.
The organization put by Gastaldi at disposal of its clients has reached high levels of professionalism, efficiency and modern technology. In brief, here are the main key factors of success:

  • Multilingual staff members with business experience.
  • Strong motivations
  • Indipendent IT system, with possibility to interface with the system put forward by the Shipping Companies.
  • Connections through dedicated network of voice and data lines between Headoffice and branch offices.
  • Specific attendance through own offices on the territory.
  • Interpersonal connections with the main Account managers.
  • The most efficient and competitive logistic organization.
  • Data links with the main Port Terminals.
  • P and I cover.

Our main goal is to offer our clients a “tailor-made” service, able to meet their varying requirements.
Highly skilled expert staff, regularly kept up-to-date, so as to maximize the progress of our job, is present at gastaldi offices located in the most important ports and in the main industrial areas of italy. The sales staff boast very good personal relations with most potential customers within the geographical area where they work.every office has personnel devoted to customer service at its disposal , while all the logistic and financial activities are gathered in the head office in genoa.

Chartering Brokers

Gastaldi & C. has a deep experience as Chartering Brokers.
We are focused and specialized in the carriage of Breakbulk cargoes, including Projects and Heavy Lifts, as well as steel and bulk cargoes.
Thanks to a highly motivated, dynamic and expert staff of brokers, we are tuned to provide bespoke solutions to our Customers.
Gastaldi & C. operates as competitive Broker for the main traders and producers of food commodities, coal, cement, project cargo, steel and iron products, bulk cargoes in general, as well as for their appointed freight forwarders.
We are also acting as Commercial Agents for Breakbulk and Heavylift Carriers, booking cargoes and helping our customers handling the daily challenges for their geared & gearless MPP vessels, Ro/Ro and HeavyLift freighters.

Bunker Brokers

Gastaldi began to act as bunker broker in 1976 and has always been present on the world-wide market ever since.
Our staff has tremendous experience in ship bunkering and maintain excellent relationships with all the main suppliers, both Majors and indipendent and are able to offer competitive prices for deliveries in any port in the world.
The members of our staff are at customers’ disposal 24 hour a day, 365 days a year. When the offices are closed, calls are automatically routed to mobile phones.
We are available for information about price fluctuations, hedging and contracts for supplies at fixed prices, for technical advice and for any other matter concerning bunkering.
A Mediterranean Bunker Report with the prices of the bunker in the main Italian and Mediterranean ports is issued weekly.